Pourable Pavement Seals Secure Highway, Airport & Parking Structure Joints

Above: DSB 900 SL Silicone Installation at Biggs AAF Airport, Fort Bliss, Texas.

Repairs to critical pavement always bring questions of best methods and materials. DSB 800™ and 900™ SL silicones meet the challenge for securing and maintaining critical infrastructure like highway, airport and parking structure joints where movement occurs.

Both DSB 800™, a low modulus, high performance, one-part, non-sag silicone joint sealant, and DSB 900™SL, an ultra-low modulus, high performance, one-part, self-leveling, silicone joint sealant, can be used to seal new or existing concrete and asphalt joints. They are the perfect solution for rehab projects where joints have become irregular over time.

Quality backer rods are available for use from the D.S. Brown Company when installing DSB 800 and 900 silicone products. DSB 800™ and 900™ SL conforms to specifications for low modulus silicone for many highway departments and federal agencies.

DSB 800™ Silicone

DSB 800™ Silicone is a uniquely formulated low modulus non-sag product produced for sealing joints in Portland Cement Concrete pavements in all climates.

DSB 900™ SL Silicone

DSB 900™ SL is a low modulus silicone which offers the performance and durability characteristics of conventional silicone with the ease of installation of self-leveling materials in both concrete and concrete to asphalt joints in all climates.


Packaging DSB Silicones weigh approximately 11 pounds per gallon. DSB 800™ and 900™ SL are conveniently packaged in three different options:

  • 29-ounce tubes
  • 5-gallon pails
  • 50-gallon drums 
Silicones Ready to Use
DSB 900 2

DSB 900™ SL Silicone Installation at Dulles International Airport.

DSB 800™ and 900™ SL meet ASTM D5893 and FAA P-605 standard specifications. Both are supplied as a ready-to-use, one-component moisture-curing system that provides a lasting and flexible seal. DSB 800™ and 900™ SL offer outstanding weathering resistance, remain flexible down to temperatures as low as -50°F (-46°C), are jet-blast resistant and will maintain field serviceability when exposed to intermittent fuel and oil spills. Both products bond strongly without the use of a primer. DSB 800™ and 900™ SL are easily applied to joints using bulk dispensing systems.

Joint Design & Preparation for Sealing

After appropriate curing of the concrete (a minimum of 7 days is recommended) joint reservoirs for the sealant can be cut into the concrete using appropriate concrete sawing procedures and equipment. In “fast track” or high-early-strength concrete mixes, it may be possible to saw and seal the joints sooner than the recommended 7-day minimum for standard concrete mixes.

Training Solutions

At D.S. Brown, we also understand the demands and needs of a quality repair material and for it to perform well, and to perform well the first time it’s installed. We are also keenly aware of the limitations that the current health crisis have placed on personnel and training. We have worked tirelessly to provide materials with optimal installation and performance qualities and our team members are available for in-person and webinar training. D.S. Brown has a team of technical representatives that travel around the world teaching best practices.

Regardless of future health or travel challenges, D.S. Brown continues to expand webinar efforts and classroom instruction to further meet the needs of customers.

Resources & Support for DSB Pourable Pavement Seals

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